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Companionship comes in many shapes and forms. We get companionship from loved ones, pets, friends, and even inanimate objects such as art. Companionship brings us joy, comfort, peace, a sense of security and influences our actions and decision making. These are all very important parts of our life, and as we age it becomes harder and harder to find these connections that help us to make good, healthy decisions. Having a friendly, qualified caregiver make regularly scheduled visits to your loved one’s home is a safe and smart way to make sure they have fresh food, clean clothes and are taking their prescribed medications appropriately.

Most senior loved ones will resist help at first and make statements like: “I’m an independent adult, and I don’t need to pay for companionship or assistance in my home.”

We all want to remain independent adults who can manage ourselves safely, but there eventually comes a time when we need to seek help. Lack of companionship can cause isolation, depression, forgetfulness and bad decision making. Companionship helps us all lead better, healthier and safer lives.


You lead a busy life - its hard enough to balance managing the home, much less be there full time for an aging parent. Let us help. Our caregivers will provide companionship, while also assisting your loved one with many of these tasks, including, but not limited to :



  Personal Hygiene

  Monitor Diet

  Light Housekeeping


  Walking Assistance

  Pet Care


  Personal Grooming

  Maintain Household

  Apparel Selection

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